k-style tutorial 2

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k-style tutorial 2 Empty k-style tutorial 2

Post  Swifty_ on Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:10 pm

Think ur finish with thos 2 moves i gave you hah. Not even close of being done.

This is HalfStep. Looks like just a slashshot huh? well the thing is with HS is you dash with ur gun out in another direction.

You getting getter at swap shot? try out reload shot. Reload shot is faster than swap shot BUT most RS is done in 2 shots (kinda hard to do it more that 2)

Here is some wall climben tech. LEARN EM, LIVE EM, LOVE EM (warning annoying song)

This is flash step. Now the thing is with this is that it makes you faster on ground n walls. (AND IT LOOKS PRO!!!)

DoubleBufferFly. This just put the icing on a cake. (YOU LIKE ICING RIGHT THAN LEARN IT!!!!) Try to learn BF first please save you the headache.

Here some other stuff you can learn if you want to get into but everything above is really all you need to know. (warning has a kickass song)

If you need me to explain or show ANYTHING plz ask there are no stupid questions about k-style.

Good Luck out there guys

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k-style tutorial 2 Empty Re: k-style tutorial 2

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:35 am

stop wowing me with so much good work keep it up swiftyxD come back soon hope you won the airplane thingy

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