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Boss Combos Empty Boss Combos

Post  -Swifty- on Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:05 pm

Hey guys i just taught i would post some boss combinations just so you know what to put for a boss.

Fake Goblin King = Goblin Skull + Goblin Doll
Boss Combos Goblin

Goblin King = Crimson Necklace + Goblin Skull
(same as fake)

Dwarf Goblin King = Goblin King Skull + Goblin Doll
(no picture)

Thunder Goblin King = Goblin King Skull + Crimson Necklace
(no picture)

Palmpow Commander = Palmpow Doll + Goblin Doll
(no picture)

Giant Lizard Man = Platinum Ring + Gold Ring
Boss Combos Lizzard

Broken Golem = Kobold Doll + High Class Gear
Boss Combos Golem

Palmpow = Palmpow idol + Kobold Doll
Boss Combos Pawm

Superion the Tainted = Large Skull + Skeleton Doll
Boss Combos Images

Anermaron the Wicked = Mysterious Skull + Skeleton Doll
Boss Combos Mage

Lich the Something = Devil's Dictionary + Enourmously Huge Skull
Boss Combos Lich

Cursed Palmpow = Cursed Palmpow Idol + Skeleton Doll
Boss Combos Cpam

Thats all of the bosses
Alright guys have fun
Good luck


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Boss Combos Empty boss combo!

Post  [C]heoX! on Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:14 pm

Haw Haw!

I got all the boss items xD tongue tongue king

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